Tips to keep in mind while playing Episode Choose Your Story


Are you a big-time fan of simulation games? If yes then you have arrived at the right place. There are a huge number of games in the market with the same niche. But still, people prefer playing Episode Choose Your Story more than any other story simulation games. A huge number of people are playing the game a lot in their free time.

It is a multiplayer game developed and launched by Episode interactive. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. So if you want to play and enjoy, then you can easily play it on your smartphone. The best thing about the game is the user can easily write, make and play a huge number of stories in the game. There are a lot of small-small things in the game the user needs to follow. Here are some of them in detail.

  • Using currency wisely

We all know that the currency is the most important thing in the game is the currency so by trying Episode Cheats. So if you are playing Episode Choose Your Story then make sure you use them wisely. There are three main types of currency in the game, and you need to have all of them in the right amount to play the game. Every one of them has their use so keep in mind to use them wisely.

  • Decision making

Another important thing the user has to keep in mind is the decision making. It is the main part of the game, so it is essential to make the right decisions to make the ending of the story good and attractive. If you make a wrong decision, then you can face a lot of issues while playing the story forward. So do not make a wrong decision which reduces the fun in the story and makes it boring and cannot be completed.

  • Make the character move their mouth while talking

If you are playing Episode Choose Your Story then keep in mind to make the characters move their mouth while talking. The reason behind this is it will make the story more fascinating and eye-catching.

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